Driving Range Membership

If you love playing golf, want to practice more, keep your game in good shape, even through poor weather and want to get better at a budget price then the Total Golf Card is for you! The Total Golf Card is an exciting, unique scheme not offered by any other golf club or range.

If you are currently a member of Waterstock Golf Club or are thinking of becoming a member, the add-on of the Total Golf Card will enable you to play and practice golf 7 days or nights a week throughout the whole year at huge savings! For those with limited time to devote to playing on the course or practice your technique, keeping your game sharp through the winter months is difficult. This offer makes use of the golf range at an amazing low price. You will be able to warm-up before playing, practice when you are unable to play, your golf will improve and your enjoyment and enthusiasm will grow. What could be better?


50 Range Balls £4.00
100 Range Balls £6.50
Range Care ( 10 x 50 balls) £31

For non-members, the opportunity of practice on the golf range at huge savings at a very accessible location is too good to miss. In this difficult time of the credit crunch, you can heavily use the range facilities at a budgeted cost.

The annual Total Golf Card is valid from the date you join and entitles you to 10 x 50 balls each
month The package is worth over £440.00 of range balls for the year!

The charges are:

Category A Members £100.00 per person
(Family, 7 Day, Midweek & Senior fully paid up and Direct Debit Members)

Category B & Category Annual Cadet & Junior Members £200.00 per person
(Family, 7 Day, Midweek & Senior, Category A Cadet, Junior fully paid up and Direct Debit Members)

Non Members £350.00 per person

The following Terms & Conditions apply:

  1. The allocation of balls is for the named cardholder only and cannot be used by any other person.
  2. All monthly ball allocations must be used in their allotted month. Unused allocations are lost once the relevant month has passed and cannot be carried forward.
  3. The Total Golf Card is valid for 12 months. However, should a member cancel or not renew their membership to Waterstock Golf Club your Total Golf Card automatically becomes void. Should such a member wish to continue the Total Golf Card after cancellation of membership, they can remain valid only when the supplemental Non-Member fee is paid on a pro-rata basis.
  4. Any member upgrading from Category B to Category A membership or downgrading from Category A to Category B memberships will be eligible to pro-rata refunds or be subject to a pro-rata added charge.
  5. Breach of any of the above Terms & Conditions will result in the cancellation of the Total Golf Card immediate and the annual payment being forfeited with no refund. Decision of the Management will be considered final.

Telephone: 01844 338093 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.